Best 4 Apps Like CricHD

The days of watching television are numbered; because to technical advances in digital gadgets, many people can now follow their favourite sporting events on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. A wide range of websites offer free HD streaming for sports enthusiasts from all around the world, including cricket, which is a popular example of a widely broadcast live event., for example, is a well-known resource for watching live HD broadcasts of cricket.

CricHD deals with millions of people from all around the world who enjoy sports on a regular basis and receive a lot of traffic to the site each month. Cricket, rugby, tennis, baseball, golf, hockey, and many other major sports may be streamed in HD on this website.

SPORTS All the sports you can watch live on the website are available for you to view schedules, statistics, fixtures, and rankings. Live cricket matches are broadcast on CricHD, which includes T20 competitions like the IPL, PSL and many others.

CricHD Alternatives

We’ve compiled a list of the top four alternatives to CricHD in this article. These CricHD substitutes are sure to keep you entertained.

1. There are two ways to watch Disney+ Hotstar:

Services provided by Disney+Hotstar, more generally referred to as Hotstar, include free-ad supported access as well as two subscription-based packages. CricHD’s best competitor. Post-television broadcast access to different Indian films and Star Series is made possible through Hotstar, the former of these two services. All sports, movies in nine languages, and more than 100,000 hours of television can be streamed online with the service.

The website’s team strives to provide the best possible viewing experience for its visitors across a wide range of devices and platforms. Even if you’re streaming via a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile network, your day will definitely improve if you do so via Hotstar.

To ensure the greatest possible video quality for its numerous customers, Hotstar uses the most modern technologies available. You can also customise the video quality to fit your connection speed by making your own selections. If you’re looking for something that covers everything from sports to movies, TV shows to news, Hotstar is a fantastic option.

2. In the second place, Sony Liv

It is one of the greatest locations to watch online cricket in the best quality possible because it is based in India and owned by Sony Pictures Networks. As a general-interest entertainment website, Sony Liv offers high-quality live streaming of a variety of sports and competitions, including cricket, football, and wrestling, as well as the NBA and T20.

But hold on, there’s more! It’s not only about sports; it also provides access to a wide variety of movies and television series. The website adheres to sound design standards and has a clean and straightforward user experience.

The sports, film, and television show material library of the website is always being updated with the most recent news and happenings. Its viewers can be in India or anywhere else in the world, and they will always get authentic, meaningful material and amusement from it.

3. PTV Sports Live

In addition to live HD streaming cricket matches from across the world, Pakistan Sports Live, the country’s primary sports channel, also offers a wide variety of other sports in high definition. Live streaming of cricket, football, hockey, wrestling and a wide range of other sports and events may be found here, much like does.

The platform’s users, from all over the world, are unanimous in their praise of the service they received. The internet store has always lived up to the high standards set by its diverse clientele. You may watch CricHD-style live streaming, as well as classic matches and in-depth analyses of sports, on the channel. The icing on the cake is the fast streaming regardless of the internet speed at which the user is using the website.

4. Sky Sports

We also have Sky Sports in the end. With millions of subscribers worldwide, it is a major player in the digital TV industry with a wide range of offerings and options.

The streaming community considers it to be one of the best places to watch live events. It’s also comparable to the popular CricHD software in its functionality. In addition to cricket, Sky Sports offers viewers the opportunity to watch a variety of other sports.

Sky Sports’ simple design and user-friendly interface not only ensures that it never lags behind in terms of delivering fast and high-quality video content, but it also makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.

Many international sports such as cricket, football, rugby, golf, boxing, tennis and cycling and racing can be streamed live using this site.


As a result, and for the reasons outlined above, these digital channels are ideal replacements for CricHD. As long as it does what you want it to, in this case, quick streaming of high-quality content to a big audience, the platform itself doesn’t matter.

Every single one of the platforms and websites listed here might be categorised as an ideal online sports channel. Their layouts and architecture make them all incredibly user-friendly and accessible. In addition to sports streaming, several of these sites offer a variety of additional services. As a result, keep watching live sports broadcasts on CricHD and the rest of these websites.

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